Powerpoint due tomorrow, Help please. Can you guys check if info is accurate pease? feel free to make changes and adding pictures (•‿•)

I need to make questions about spiritual journey and answer them. Each question and answer needs textual evidence.

For example

1. Realtes to the topic

-Topic: siddhartha's right

- Find a quote when he's talking or internal dialogue.

2. Provides Specific detail, not vague.

3. Provides example of a topic.

-Topic: pain

-Textual Evidence " she cried her eyes out, drenching her shirt with tears" pg 45

my definition of spiritual journey= reconnecting with your soul, adventure, experiencing change of mind and space. (ex: leaves his family for samanas, kamala, ferry boat, river, values)

If you need a copy of the book it can be found here, thanks to the guttenberg project :

This is due monday, 11/05/2012 so tomorrow, as of the time I am typing. So ill keep at it for the rest of the day.

This power point is best viewed with Google chrome

I greatly appreciate any help. Please help, I hope I am not asking for too much.

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Sorry, this is a short answer forum. We don't ckeck papers or presentations. You might want to ckeck in with the editing services to see if they can take a look. I don't know how long the process takes, so no guarantees.

ok thanks anyways because your previous answers gave me ideas as of what to put in the presentation. I am truly grateful for that