I have a socratic seminar tomorrow, and I need help. Please read?

Okay so here are my questions.

1. Do you think that Siddhartha reached enlightenment?

2. Did the novel end the way you expected? If not, what would you change?

3. What is the significance of the river?

4. What are possible themes of the novel?

5. Compare and contrast Siddhartha to Vasudeva. Do they share more similarities or differences?

6. If Kamala hadn’t died, do you think Siddhartha, her son, and she would reunite and make a new life together?

7. Why do you think Siddhartha’s son left?

8. Of the various methods tried which ones were successful, and which were unsuccessful in finding enlightenment?

9. Was Siddartha really going to kill himself?

10. Did Kamala have a negative or positive impact on Siddhartha’s life?

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Yikes, that is a bit much for this forum. I sugest you check out the Grade-Saver site link below.