DUE TOMMOROW chapter 7 Why does Siddhartha become old and sick but Kamala does not ?

I really need help on this one and also "How are ego and superiority motifs for Siddhartha's life ?"

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1.) He feels old and sick because he has changed so much. his lifestyle is completly different he doesnt crave the knwledge he once has. the rich lifestyle is old to him and he isnt happy with it while kamala isnt like siddhartha she likes being rich and feels new having the type of lifestyle.

2.) Siddhartha is always trying to make his ego as little as possible, he tries to basically hide it. also with superiority he doesnt try to be better anyone else but more knowldgeable. his samana thinking is to put the ego away and just live without care live with patience and fasting and thinking