13th chapter

i need to make a personal ending chapter for the siddhartha... Please help me... I need some opinions and suggestions for a possible ending for the siddhartha...thanks

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To write your own ending you have to look at certain aspects of your life from personal experience and apply them accordingly. First, you need to define your answer to the questions "what is life; what are illusions?" When we feel isolated it's almost impossible to stop our minds from turning in circles and trying to figure out the world. Questions like these are what keep us up at night. Your personal ending can be based on something that has happened to you. It doesn't have to have anything to do with the characters you've met in reading this novel. Use your imagination and take it from there. Every occurence in our life writes another chpater of who we are.

What is life? What is truth? What does one mean by illusion? These and many other questions have been haunting many of us when we are in isolation. It is simply impossible to curb the echoes of our mind.