A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

Why does Mr. Choate beat is daughter? "

That Evening Sun

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Cole wishes for prison because there he can still manipulate people and play his little mind games to get what he wants. In prison he is at least warm and fed.Out in the wild, he is forced to be humble. Dying on the rocks, Cole feels how insignificant he really is.

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Choate's daughter Pamela returns late from a date and he intends to beat up the boyfriend; Pamela's date manages to escape by driving off the farm in a car and Choat turns his wrath on his wife and daughter, whipping them with the garden hose until Abner puts an end to it by firing a shot in the air. Choat is further infuriated after Abner reports the incident to the local sheriff's office. Although Choat is brought in for questioning, he's ultimately released; it's obvious that the wife and daughter end up refusing to press charges.