A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

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theme of death in William Faulkner's red leaves

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The emulation of white culture is a theme in this story. In "Red Leaves," it becomes clear that the attempts of Indians to emulate white people are absurd. Doom, the first Man, earned his name from the Chevalier Soeur Blonde de Vitry, who called him simply, du homme. Doom, a bastardization of the French word for "man," is a fitting title for the Indian who leads his people in a ridiculous attempt to emulate the white slaveowners. The Indians don't know what to do with all the slaves they own; they know they are valuable and can be traded for money, but they don't have any need for money, either. When Issetibbeha tries to have his wife sleep in the gilt bed he brought back from Paris, she secretly sleeps on the floor because the ridiculous bed is too uncomfortable.

what about the theme of death?