A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

is miss EMILY weak or strong? i need an answer with detail

in your opinion is miss emily weak? why?

strong ha ! why??

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I'd say she's a little of both. She is weak when it comes to her father; she does as she's told and allows him to dictate her life. Unfortunately, that's how things were done back then. Thus, it really isn't weakness, it's deference.

Weakness and strength could also both be cites in the poisoning of Emily's fiance. It would take quite a bit of inner strength and resolve to plan such a horrific deed, but then again, it was her inability to cope with him leaving her that prompted her actions...... that's a weakness.

She stands up to the townspeople......... and then becomes reclusive.

I'd have to say she shows both strengths and weaknesses...... not to mention a bit of insanity mixed in.