A Rose For Emily and Other Short Stories

A Rose For Emily

How does the town's attitude change about miss emily's taxes reflect wider social and economic changes in the south

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This story encompasses decades within a very short space. The days of family favors are over..... the Southern Belle is no longer a young woman who's father refuses to allow her to marry. The town was in the midst of progress while Emily stayed in the past. Construction, taxes, mail boxes.... all of these things passed her by. As a young woman, she believed herself above the townspeople. When her father died, she was ungrateful. Her relationship with Homer flouted convention, made her a source of gossip, and yet, all along, she sees herself as entitled. Emily becomes a town tradition, but she's also a town joke, and worst of all...... the people felt sorry for her. Emily stagnated while everyone else expanded into a new world.


A Rose for Emily