She Stoops to Conquer

how i explain the theme of impudence in drama?

explain it in the she stoops to conquer

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Impudence has to do with arrogance and stubbornness. The decisions the characters make and their perspectives on one another, are all largely based on what class they are a part of. This is where the impudance in the drama comes into play. Where Tony openly loves low-class people like the drunks in the Three Pigeons, Marlow must hide his love of low-class women from his father and “society.” His dynamic relationship with Kate (and the way he treats her) is defined by who he thinks she is at the time – from high-class Kate to a poor barmaid to a woman from good family but with no fortune. Hastings’ and Marlow’s reaction to Hardcastle is also a great example of the importance of class—they find him impudent and absurd, because they believe him to be of low class, but his behavior would be perfectly reasonable and expected from a member of the upper class, as he truly is.