Shantaram and movie

I heard somewhere that they were planning to make a movie of the book Shantaram. Does anyone have any details?

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Yeah, that's right! There's a Shantaram movie in production right now, scheduled to come out in 2009.

I believe the movie was put on hold but is likely going to be produced in the near future. Several famous actors have expressed interest in portraying Shantaram. The book in incredible, btw, especially the crazy stuff he does in Afghanistan!

I just read that Johnny Depp has put this project on hold indefinitely. He has just

had a major-shift in his private life and despite his initial enthusiasm, hasn't seemed as excited as he once was. Other issues, reportedly have had an impact

on delaying the project, i.e., Greg's many projects which have held-up the screen-play and other issues. Frankly, I, personally, have given-up expecting to see anything close to a recognizable-Shantaram as compared to some of the scenarios that made this book exceptional---on screen !


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