Sense and Sensibility

What does Lucy reveal about Edward's constancy and about her own nature?

This is in chapter 2 in volume 2.

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She reveals that Edward is a man of integrity even though he is monetarily dependent on his mother. Lucy says she is willing to live a life of poverty for him and that she isn't as high maintenance as Elinor would believe,

"He has only two thousand pounds of his own; it would be madness to marry upon that, though for my own part I could give up every prospect of more without a sigh. I have been always used to a very small income, and could struggle with any poverty for him; but I love him too well to be the selfish means of robbing him, perhaps, of all that his mother might give him if he married to please her. We must wait, it may be for many years. With almost every other man in the world, it would be an alarming prospect; but Edward's affection and constancy nothing can deprive me of, I know."