Sense and Sensibility

in the book sense and sensibility,what goes on between elinor and edward?

what happens to Elinor and Edward throughout the story?

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At the beginning of the novel, Elinor, her mother and her two sisters, Marianne and Margaret, are being unceremoniously evicted from their home by her father's spineless son (from Dashwood's first marriage) and his wife, Fanny. Edward is Fanny's brother. Before they are forced to move, Edward comes to visit his sister and he and Elinor hit it off. They are both soft-spoken, proper people and they develop a friendship that begins to turn into more, but Edward is called away. Throughout the novel, Elinor pines away for Edward and Edward returns her feelings, but he is a "first" son and will inherit his family's fortune. He will not be allowed to marry for love. Also, he made a foolish prior commitment to another woman, Lucy Steele, and since he is an honorable man he will not break that commitment. He is only free to marry for love (Elinor), when he is disinherited and his brother marries Lucy.


Sense and Sensibility: Jane Austen