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i would like realize this short story help me Kalahandi

that's link i completely hope that you guys help me

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i need solution points

I am not sure what solution you need, but here is what I see. The poem has to do with a district in India (Kalahandi) which was once very well-known and famous. In recent years, it has become famine plagued, losing numbers of people to death because of that. The poet was once "stationed" in Kalahandi and reported on the plague, which then raises the question of how we can treat these people so badly. Every bad or evil associated with the more recent history of Kalahandi (the lack of rain, the skeletons of the people, the graveyard) show a change in the world now compared to what it used to be. At the end of the poem, the narrator asks how we can move forward in the new era and so coldly leave Kalahandi behind!