Selected Short Stories

effective argument

Which text provides the more effective argument? Include details about the appeals and structures of the two texts to support your position.

"Save the Redwoods" -John Muir

While the iron of public sentiment is

hot let us strike hard. In particular, a

reservation or national park of the only

other species of Sequoia, the sempervirens,

or redwood, hardly less wonderful than the

gigantea, should be quickly secured. It will

have to be acquired by gift or purchase, for

the Government has sold every section of

the entire redwood belt from the Oregon

boundary to below Santa Cruz.

"Silent Spring" -Rachel Carson

The roadsides, once so attractive, were

now lined with browned and withered

vegetation as though swept by fire. These,

too, were silent, deserted by all living things.

Even the streams were now lifeless. Anglers

no longer visited them, for all the fish had died.

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This really depends on what you are arguing. Both of these writers are famous conservationists. I think Rachel Carson's diction provides more direct imagery, which is always a good hook to involve the reader.