what kind of restoration of the temple have they talked about?

in Salome by Oscarv Wild Herod says"And the restoration of the Temple about which they have talked so much, will anything be done?" does it mean returning of the veil which had been stolen, to the temple? or some other restoration?

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Herod completely rebuilt the temple from the bottom up. It is said that he even replaced the foundation stones. Note, this construction was to rebuild the "second" temple.

The comment about the veil refers to Pompey's entrance into the temple in 63 B.C. After marching on and taking over the city, Pompey did the unthinkable and desecrated the temple with his presence. He tore away the veil and entered the Holy of Holies, a place only the High Priest had access to, and only once per year.

Jesus later recognized the temple (Herod's temple), as being His Father's house.