What does Charlie realise about the people he had gone to collect money from like Alice and Kenneth Cornwall

‎ chapter 13

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Charlie remembers why he’s there and asks for Kenneth Cornwall. Alice looks shocked and then calls out to the back for her father. She confirms she is Alice Cornwall. Charlie considers running out, but instead goes to the back to speak with Kenneth. While he is the spitting image of his daughter, he lacks her fire. Charlie notices Kenneth hobbles and looks worn out. He says he doesn’t have Squizzy Taylor’s three pounds and picks up a rolling pin to threaten Charlie with. Alice intervenes, telling her father to drop the pin and Charlie to leave. Alice and her father hug each other. On his way out, Charlie begins to tell her something, but she tells him to leave her alone, because he’s just like the rest of them. Charlie runs back to Richmond thinking about how he’d been able to distance himself from Squizzy Taylor’s debtors before, but now he knows the Cornwalls are real, desperate people, like himself and his mother.