Rudyard Kipling: Poems

What does poet say about waiting & dealing with life?


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The poem's speaker says that if you can keep your head while those around you lose theirs; if you can trust yourself when others doubt you; if you can be patient and not lose your temper; if you can handle being lied about but not lie yourself, and being hated but not hating yourself; if you do not look too good or talk too wise:

If you can dream but not let those dreams cloud your reason; if you can think but still take action; if you can deal with both triumph and disaster; if you can handle it when others twist your truths into lies, or take the things you devoted your life to and turn them from broken into alive again:

If you can take all of your winnings and bet them in one fell swoop and lose them all and then keep it a secret; if you can use your heart and muscles and nerves to hold on even when there is only Will left:

If you can remain virtuous among people and talk with Kings without becoming pretentious; if you can handle foes and friends with ease; if you see that men count on you but not too much; if you can fill every minute with meaning:

Then you have all the Earth and everything upon it, and, as the speaker exultantly ends, "you'll be a Man, my son!"


In this poem the speaker advises his son about how to deal the challenges in life. Children are restless and impatient and thus he advises his son to be patient in life because with haste comes waste and with patience comes success


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