Romeo and Juliet

Why is Juliet a stronger character than Romeo ?

In what ways do Juliet's actions appear stronger than Romeo?

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That's an interesting question. Both characters compliment each other. If we are to make a case for Juliet being stronger, we should consider what Juliet is personally up against. Unlike Romeo, Juliet must disobey her father. Where Romeo has a longer leash to hang out with friends and attend parties, Juliet must pretty well do what her father dictates. Elizabethan girls of nobility were pretty much their father's property until they become their husband's property. When Capulet decides to give Juliet to Paris, Juliet refuses to adhere. Capulet tells his daughter that if she refuses to agree she can `beg borrow and steal` in the streets. Juliet has much to lose and little to gain (socially) by perusing Romeo. Romeo, on the other hand, cries allot but certainly does not have the same external pressures as Juliet.