Romeo and Juliet

The nurse is one of Shakespeare's great comic characters. Do you think the nurse is a principled character, a person with strong sense of right and wrong? Or does she seem to be easily corrupted, someone who will do whatever people want her to do? Find


passages to support your answer .



Act 2 

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Juliet's nurse is ostensibly the young girl's confidante, but also harbors a certain amount of resentment that makes her useless when it comes to saving the girl. Nurse often makes trouble for Juliet by refusing to give her information quickly, and later turns into a traitor by arguing Juliet should marry Paris, even though she knows about her secret marriage to Romeo. I think the Nurse, in the end, wanted Juliet to be happy. L. Capulet was not the mothering type so the Nurse took that role. Unfortunately the Nurse did not always make the best decisions for Juliet in her parental role.