Romeo and Juliet

Tacit expectations, power issues, secrecy, anger, hasty reactions, and failure to listen

How does each problem cause difficulty in the play? Explain how the same problems damage relationships today.

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There are numerous points to these that weave into each other. I'll give you some ideas to start with,

Expectations- Romeo and Juliet should be enemies, Juliet is expected to obey her father.

Power Issues- Both Capulet and Montague struggle over power in Verona. It's an ancient family feud.

Secrecy- R&J see each other secretly. The Friar's plan is secret.

Hastiness- It was hast for these two to kill themselves. Romeo might have waited a bit longer, checked with Friar or at least checked her pulse before drinking poison. These two also fell in love pretty quickly and got married.

Failure to listen- Both R&J listened only to what they wanted to hear.

The reason this play is so timeless is because young love is exactly all the things mentioned above! Young romantic love defies logic just like R&J.