Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet questions

11.) Why does the Nurse urge Juliet to marry Paris?

A. Juliet should obey her parents without question.

B. Romeo is banished and as good as dead to her.

C. Juliet was mistaken when she thought she loved Romeo.

D. Paris and Juliet can combine their wealth by marrying.


12.) What traits does Juliet demonstrate by agreeing to go along with Friar Laurence's plan to fake her death?

A. Independence and boldness

B. Foolishness and thoughtlessness

C. Anger at and disappointment in her confidante

D. Obedience to and respect for her parents


13.) Which "star-crossed" event sets up the play's climax?

A. Balthasar informs Romeo that Juliet has been laid in the tomb.

B. Romeo and Juliet's fathers pledge to put up statues of their children.

C. Lady Montague dies of grief.

D. Friar Laurence explains the tragic deaths of the young people.


14.) Which statement best describes Shakespeare's formal education?

A. Shakespeare attended college in Verona.

B. Shakespeare attended Cambridge University but did not graduate.

C. Shakespeare attended a local grammar school.

D. Shakespeare attended Oxford University and earned a degree.


15.) Which phrase describes the groundlings who attended Elizabethan theaters?

A. People who provided refreshments to playgoers

B. People who could afford only to stand beneath the stage and watch plays

C. People who supported companies of actors

D. People who did not approve of theater and plays

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1) B. Romeo is banished and as good as dead to her.

Please list your questions separately.


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