Romeo and Juliet

romeo and Juliet

Write a literary analysis of a theme in Romeo and Juliet and explain how it emerges,is shaped, and refined throughout the play

so i want to do forbidden love

i can do the body paragraphs but the intro is a bit hard.

i don't know where to start,

Forbidden love emerges in Shakespeare’s tragic drama, Romeo and Juliet. It shows young, irrational, passionate love. In the play, Shakespeare suggests that the kind of love that Romeo and Juliet feel lead their love to enact a selfish isolation from the world around them. In the end "forbidden love" is merely a piece of the greater youthful obsessive love that these two share.

i have this form what Aslan said

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Okay, so if this is a long response you should consider why the love is forbidden and what intensity this brings to their impulsive young relationship. Remember that these two are pretty inexperienced with life and love.