Romeo and Juliet

Perception of Romeo in Act 1

How can Romeo be perceived in Act. 1

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Really Romeo in Act one is a pretty emotional guy. He is a boy who falls obsessively in love and, just as quickly, falls out of love. After the big market brawl, Romeo is found sulking with. "tears augmenting the fresh morning dew". He's upset because of the unrequited love of some girl named Rosaline. Romeo spends much of Act one lamenting that his life has no meaning until, in a split second, he falls in love with Juliet. Romeo is smitten again, Rosaline is history and Juliet can "teach the torches to burn bright". In act one Romeo seems like a boy who needs to be in love, or the idea of it anyway. His friends and family seem to know this but it isn't considered too much of a fault. Romeo is set up as a lover and not a fighter. This provides fertile ground to develop Romeo as a teenager full of angst and rash impulsiveness.