Romeo and Juliet

How would you describe the tone and word choices in the second passage?

Act 4, scene 5, lines 59-64

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Hey, let me know if the passage is correct and I can help.

Please give me the first line to the passage so I know the right one.

"Despis'd, distress'd, hated, martyr'd, kill'd!

Uncomfortable time, why cam'st thou now

To murder, murder our solemnity?

O child! O child! My soul, and not my child!

Dead art thou! Alack, my child is dead,

And with my child my joys are buried."

THe Friar's tone is scolding and accusatory towards the Capulets. He scolds them for crying over Juliet even though she is in a better place (Heaven). In the second part of his speech he calms down and tells them to mourn with dignity by covering her with flowers and carrying her to church. This, of course, is all part of his plan for Juliet is merely sleeping.