Romeo and Juliet

How does the Friar react to the language in the passage?

Act 4, scene 5, lines 59-64

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Although my lines might not match, I'm thinking you mean the section when Friar says,

"Peace, ho, for shame! confusion's cure lives not

In these confusions. Heaven and yourself

Had part in this fair maid; now heaven hath all,

And all the better is it for the maid:"

Is this correct?

The same as the other question:

"Despis'd, distress'd, hated, martyre'd, kill'd!

Uncomfortable time, why cam'st thou now

To murder, murder our solemnity?

O child! O child! My soul, and not my child!

Dead art thou! Alack, my child is dead,

And with my child my joys are buried.

Yes, Friar reacts by scolding Capulet for mourning over Juliet even though she is with God in Heaven.