Romeo and Juliet

How do other characters treat or respond to this character?

For each:




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In general other characters see Juliet as a child, even though she certainly is old enough to be married. Tybalt wants to protect her as his cousin, Romeo is in love with her and wants to (and does) marry her. Romeo is seen as an enemy of Juliet's family, especially in the eyes of Tybalt. Tybalt is like a "rabblerouser" - Juliet does not think much about him until his death and then she is devastated. Romeo wants not to fight with him - the Prince has forbidden it - but ultimately he is forced into a confrontation because of Tybalt's killing of Mercutio.

This really depends on which characters you are referring to but generally,

Juliet is thought pretty and of marriage age. Young men like Paris are vying for her affections. She is obedient took her parents.

Romeo is thought as a sensitive young man always in and out of love. He isn't a fighter but the gang loves him all the same.

Tybalt is considered a "hot head" ready to find quarrel in anything. He is passionate and wildly loyal to his family.