Romeo and Juliet

compair romeo and juliet with wilfred owen dulce et decorum est


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This question has been in the back of my mind for a while. I see nobody has answered it. I know the poem dulce et decorum est very well. It's one of my favourite poems about war but what in the world does it have to do with R&J? Am I missing something here? Star crossed lovers and a guy in WW1 who inhales poisonous gas. Is Italy the common thread here? I know this isn't an answer but I really would like to know.

there is more to dulce et decorum est than war and gas. It is also about the love for one's country that motivates people to go to war. ("dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" being translated to how sweet and right it is to die for one's country.) this is the link between r&j and dulce et decorum. In both, love leads to violence.

The poetry Dulce Et Decorum Est written by Wilfred Owens is very effective because of its excellent emotional parts of poetry which gives the readers attention as he wanted. My opinion is that i give alot of respect to wilfred because he says the truth and he shows that war is terrible and devastating.However Wilfred has some similarities with his work combined with Romeo and Juliet,that is Romeo and juliet is all about these star crossed "love"ers this is a similarities to Wilfred because Wilfred loves he is country and motivates people to not go to war because it is terrible and useless and waste of life. In Romeo and juliet is something emotional that causes emotional pain. I know this when Mercutio says 'A plaque o' both your houses'. This shows that mercutio curses montague and capulets which then curses them when romeo and juliet die.This is a smililarities to wilfred Owen because OWen is mentally haunted by the memory of men dying in front of him when he says in his poem 'In all my dreams guttering, choking, drowning'. This shows that romeo and juliet are similar to Wilfred Owen because the quotes both show that they are both very tragic and show alot of suffering however conflict has a bad effect on men's state of mind - it damages them even if they are not physically injured (emotional pain).