Romeo and Juliet

adolescent behavoir

I need to know how romeo and juliet portrayed adolescent behavior?

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Romeo and Juliet portray adolescent behavior throughout the play. When we first meet Romeo, he is wandering around, mooning over Rosaline. He is aimless and a total drama queen. He is unable to function because of his unrequited love for Rosaline. However, as soon as he meets Juliet, Rosaline is kicked to the curb and all bets are off. He's flaky and impulsive, and gives no thought to the fact that he has fallen in love (at first sight, no less) with the daughter of his family's bitter enemy. Adolescents' raging hormones and undeveloped sense of self often lead to obsessive love (or is it lust?), rash behavior and the failure to take responsibility for one's actions, and this can be seen more and more often as the relationship between Romeo and Juliet and the play, itself, develop.