Romeo and Juliet (Film 1996)

annotate find repetition,alliteratio,metaphores,personification and simlies in the text below

the bloated clouds parted ,pierced by a sudden swors of blinding light which illuminated th gholsty scence below .

skeleto trees and broken,bruised and bloodid bodies litter the churnes up filds , spreading as far as the eye can see ...

sudde sparks flash and flickers as rhe blade light bounces off the shells of shredded steel shelters, now onlt sheltering the ghost of war.Mud.Blood.Sweat .Tears.The unavoidable and cloying stench of the tenets of war pervades and consumes all in its wake ;cloggin h nostrilss and clinging to the skin

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This is a bit much for this type of forum. I could help you with a specific sentence but not this whole assignment.

just do the bits you can pleas3

"the bloated clouds parted" personification

"broken,bruised and bloodid bodies" / "shells of shredded steel shelters"