Romeo and Juliet (Film 1968)

Any critical ideas about the 1968 film of "Romeo and Juliet"?

Guys, I would like to know your ideas, reactions, say whatever you want. What can you say about the movie?

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I love this film! Zeffirelli was one of Italian cinem's greatest directors, and the cast of this film was 'charming' to say the least.

Known primarily for his gift as a director, Zeffirelli stayed away from the 'social topics' that were so popular during the sixties and seventies abd because of this he was definitely not a favorite of European critics.

This film has stood the test of time pretty well. I watched it again........ maybe a year ago and still enjoyed it thouroughly. I largely prefer films made before the 50's, but I do love Shakespeare and truly enjoyed this years later.

Admittedly, Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey are really my favorite part of the film. They were believable in their parts, and they both possessed the beauty, innocence, and intensity required to play their characters.