Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Why is everyone unsure of TJ's future?

why is everyone unsure of tj's future

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This all depends at what point in the novel you are referring to. We meet TJ in Chapter 1. He is irresponsible but somehow likable. TJ is a constant worry for all the black people. He is unpredictable and easily manipulated. Although he uses Stacy, they remain friends. TJ, however, is prone to misdeeds. He cheats in class, goes places he should not....In the last chapters TJ has befriended two white boys, Melvin and R. W, who basically use TJ for amusement. The boy's rob a store and TJ is singled out. TJ will go to prison; he will go to black prison which is much worse than white prison. So Tj's future doesn't look too good. TJ is feisty though and has a certain zeal to him which may or may not help him.