Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Why does Mr.Logan bring Mr.Morrison to stay with the Logan family?

Why does he bring him home?

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He brings him home for added protection. Mr Logan is often way and worries about his family. When he's gone, Mr Morrison will be there to help keep an eye on things.


Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Mr. Morrison has lost his job and also needs to get away from the area of the fight lest the whites lynch him for beating them up. It's a good trade: Morrison gets a home and employment (not much pay beyond food and shelter, but that's plenty), and the Logans get someone to keep them safe while David is away working.

Mr. Morrison has lost his job because he got in a fight with two white men and the white men blamed him, for which made him loose his job. Papa (David, Mr. Logan) and Mr. Morrison said that reason, but it is NOT the real reason. The real reason is that he could not pay for food, shelter, and he couldn't even get a job. The Logans let him stay at their house.