Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Who shows up at the revival and what do the Simmses say they're going to get for T.J.?

Ch. 10 i think

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on the first day, Stacey spots Uncle Hammer walking down the road. He has sold his Packard to pay for the land and is bringing the money to Papa. Though everyone wishes he could stay longer, they think that it would be too dangerous, and Hammer leaves early Monday morning.

It seems to be about to storm on the last night of the revival, but the Logans decide to go anyway. Before the meeting, Little Willie Wiggins and Moe Turner tell Stacey that they have seen TJ with the Simms brothers. TJ and the Simmses come to middle of the gathering and TJ, dressed in trousers, a suit coat, tie, and hat, announces that they are his friends, unaware of the condescending smirks that Cassie sees on their faces. TJ says that his new friends will buy him anything he wants, including the pearl-handled pistol in Barnett's Mercantile.



t.j & the simmes borhters the pearl handled pistol in mr.brnetts mercantile.