Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

When cassie woke up later that night, what does she discover? Explain with 2 details

It is from chapter 3

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In Chapter Three, Mama sends the children straight to bed, but Cassie sneaks around the outside of the house into the boys' room. They hear that the "devilish night men" have been "set off." Cassie worries that the men are coming after them because of what they did to the bus, and Stacey feels as if it were his fault because it was his idea to dig the ditch.

Cassie sneaks back into her room and pretends to be asleep as Big Ma pulls a shotgun out from under the bed and sits at the window. Later in the night, she wakes up and Big Ma is gone. She goes out on the porch to revisit the boys' room and then hears something, but it is only Jason, the hound dog.

Just then, headlights from a series of cars approach the house. Jason hides, but Cassie sits frozen as two men get out of the cars and stare at the house. Then, one man waves the others away and the cars all turn around and drive off. When they are gone, Jason begins barking and Cassie sees Mr. Morrison standing at the side of the house, holding a shotgun. She goes inside and goes back to bed but cannot fall asleep until dawn.