Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

What role does religion play in making racism more acceptable?

Any incidents that relate to the question like religion was used against the blacks during the period of slavery as mentioned in the book.

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"In fact, she said, the county provided very little and much of the money which supported the black schools came from the black churches." (Chapter 3)

The church invests in its own people because African American education doesn't fit into the county's budget.

"They also said that slavery was good for us because it taught us to be good Christians—like the white people." She sighed deeply, her voice fading into a distant whisper. "But they didn't teach us Christianity to save our souls, but to teach us obedience. They were afraid of slave revolts and they wanted us to learn the Bible's teachings about slaves being loyal to their masters."

(Chapter 6)


Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry