Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

what is the story behind the granger land?

Chapter three or four when big ma tells cassie

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The Logans' land had once belonged to the Grangers. Cassie's grandfather bought the family's first two hundred acres in 1887, and after he paid off the mortgage on that land bought two hundred more in 1918.

Big Ma tells Cassie about marrying her husband, Paul Edward, who had been born a slave in Georgia and who was working as a carpenter in Vicksburg when she met him. They bought their first two-hundred acres of land from a Yankee named Mr. Hollenbeck who had bought it during Reconstruction from the Grangers, and the second two-hundred acres from Mr. Jamison, who was a lawyer. Harlan Granger has always wanted to buy back all the Granger land but Paul Edward wouldn't sell it. Their two daughters died as babies, their son Mitchell died in World War II, and their son Kevin drowned, and now the land is Big Mama's, Cassie's father's, and her son Hammer's. She says that she will never sell it.