Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

What is the friendship between Stacey and T.J.?

I am trying to make a rap for reading about what is true friendship

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TJ is foolish but provides a source of information about racial incidents for the Logan children. He is repeating the seventh grade, cheats on tests, gets Mama fired, and hangs out at the Wallace store which ultimately loses him Stacey's friendship. TJ also takes advantage of Stacey by getting his coat that Uncle Hammer gave him. When Mama asks for Stacey's coat to shorten the sleeves, he has to admit that he has lent it to TJ until he grows into it. TJ was making fun of him, calling him preacher because of the way the coat fit. Mama wants him to get it back, but Uncle Hammer tells Stacey that if he is stupid enough to give his coat away, then TJ can keep it permanently; Stacey will not survive in the world if he lets people take things from him. In the end, he proves his bravery and loyalty by risking danger and by attempting to help his estranged friend, TJ.