Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

What can we say about TJ (adjectives) when he blamed the Logans for turning their backs on him due to the firing of mama and also when he realizes that the Logans were no longer his friends and even shouted that he did not need them as friends?

I was thinking that TJ kind of had no 'sportsmanship' in a sense that he's pretty much of a sore loser and could not take things lying down despite him being the root of the problem. These are my thoughts on him so please correct me if im wrong and suggest some adjectives that I could use to describe TJ based on this one scenario found in the last part of chapter 8. Thanks!

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You are correct that he is a poor sport but I might suggest that TJ deserves some stronger language. TJ continually hurts the people, like Moma and Stacey, who care about him. You might consider adjectives like ungrateful, shortsighted, foolish, immature, and naïve.