Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

what are the principles that mama and papa live by and the resulting advice each gives to cassie and others in the family?

please help! im really stuck on this one....

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Hi, no problems. I'm glad to help. The Logan parents value family, hard work, determination, God, education and honesty. They are under no illusions about the prejudice and bigotry that their children go through because of their skin colour. They, however, refuse to let their children use this as an excuse to not realise their potential. Mama tells Cassie that despite the cruelty of this world and what they have experienced they still have, "some choice in what they make of their lives, and I pray to God you'll make the best of yours." The Logan Parents tell their kids to be mindful of what is real in life and what isn't. Papa tells Stacey that although it is okay to be friends with whites like Jeremy Simms, black white relations are seldom "equal" no matter how good intentions are.

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