Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

What are the Major events in chapters 4-5?

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Chapter Four

1) TJ expresses interest in looking for the questions to the upcoming exam.

2) TJ offers to share his cheat sheet with Stacey, and Stacey rips it up.

3) Stacey and all the other children take off after TJ, and Moe Turner tells them that he went to the Wallace Store. Stacey tries to get his siblings to go home but they follow him to the Wallace store. There, the Wallaces and the older Sims brothers make disparaging remarks about "little niggers" while older students from Great Faith dance. Stacey finds TJ and the two get in a fist-fight until Mr. Morrison arrives and breaks it up.

4) Mr. Graner arrives to talk to Mama about the land.

5) Mama starts visiting the neighbors with the intent of setting up a boycott.

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