Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Stacey Vs. Mr.Morrison

Stacey Vs. Mr.Morrison

~Conflict they have:___________________

~why each conflict happens:__________________

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Stacy influenced by TJ/ (going to wallace store)

Stacy is growing up. Stacy is trying to find his place. He is, like any young man, influenced with different pressures.

Early on, he breaks up the fight between T.J. and Stacey, but does not scold Stacey for his actions-beyond noting that they had been told NOT to go to Wallaces store. Stacey initially does not like him, but the ice is broken when Mr. Morrison leaves it up to him to tell Mama why they had disobeyed. Stacey could have chosen not to tell at all, but in refusing to “tattle,” Mr. Morrison was treating him like a man and an equal. Stacey’s task in response was to act like a man which meant taking responsibility for his action. (1)

Stacey is the oldest son and sees himself as the man of the family

when his father isn’t around........ when his father brings Mr. Morrison home he sees him as having taken away his job.