Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Series of roll of thunder questions

1) why does big ma sign the land over to Papa and Uncle Hammer

2) why was Stacey whipped by Mama in the story

3) why does Mama take the Logan children to go see the Berry's

4) How is Uncle Hammer different from other African-Americans (I think it's because he has a lot of money and a nice car like Mr. Granger)

5) What do these things symbolize from the story:

Pearl handed pistol

The land

Fig tree

Thunder(I think this represents the conflict, trials and tribulations the Logan's went through)

6) What does Stacey feel responsible for during the incident that occurred on the road to Vicksburg and why?

7) why does Big Ma make Cassie apologize to the Simms at Strawberry Market

8) What happened in the story that is a sign that Stacey is becoming more mature?

9) Why does Mr. Jamison back the credit for people to shop in Vicksburg

10) Why is the black school only in operation from October to March?

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1) Big Ma signs over the land so that they'll be no question as to who the land belongs to after her death.

2) Stacey was whipped because his mother believed he'd cheated on a test.

3) Mama wanted her children to see what kind of people the Wallaces were, and to see how cruel they could be.



6) Stacey couldn't hold the horses back when they were frightened by the shots fired by the truck and Papa's leg is injured.

7) She makes Cassie apologize because she doesn't want anyone else hurt.


9) Mr. Jamison agrees to put up the credit for a group of black families to shop in Vicksburg and says that not all white Southerners feel the same way as the Grangers. Nonetheless, he reminds the Logans that the Wallace store is on Granger land and that Harland Granger lives in the past.

10) The black school is only open from Oct. until March so the children could be home to halp their parents with the reaping and sowing.