Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

roll thunder hear my cry chapter 2

What does Mr. Logan tell his kids about the Wallaces’ store, and what does this show about him? What connection can you guess the Wallace store might have to the burnings of the Berrys?

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Papa says that his family doesn't shop at the Wallace store. The room goes silent. After the Laniers and Averys leave, Papa tells the children that Mama has heard about other older kids going to the store to dance, buy bootleg liquor, and smoke. He says he does not want his children going there and says he'll "wear [them] out" if they go there. The children agree not to go, knowing that Papa swings a mean switch. This event marks Mr. Logan as a disciplinarian, and as a father who expects his children to listen. We can infer that incidents at the store were directly related to the Berrys' burning.