Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Roll thunder hear my cry

1. what is the mood or general feeling of the novel ?

2. Why does the author use a dialect and slang in the novel ? Give examples, and explain the use and purpose.

3. Select a sentence or phase that caught your attention? What is the value in the book and the value to you ?

4. What did you learn from reading this novel ? You may include comments about any aspect of the novel or how it was written.

5.What is the theme or themes in the novel ? How does the author show this idea? Give evidence . Comment on how this theme fits in the novel and how it applies to life outside the book . What does this theme mean to you ?

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There is a nostalgic mood to the novel as well as a sense of impending danger. The Logan family is always in fear of some race related attack on them. The tone can change rapidly from cheerful banter between kids to menacing threats of violence and intimidation.

You need to submit each of your other questions one at a time.