Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Questions with chapter 1-3

Why do you think Papa brought Mr. Morrison to stay with the family?

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to protect them from the night riders

1. to protect his family while he is gone working on the railroad

2. Because of his generosity when he finds out that he got fired for having a fight with a white and he worked on the railroad too.

Roll of thunder

what do you think everyone in the room to be nervous when papa said in this faimly we dont shop at the wallance store

because mr.morrison helped the family and provide for the family even though they werent his own this is a very very instering book to read i was takennn back at the amount of the book i actually enjoyed it was incredable

i recommend this book to everyonee over the age of 13 and the mental age of at least 14 :D x

as mr morrisons job had been lost

Papa invited Mr. Morrison because:

1. He lost his job.

2. Papa needs someone to do things around the house when papa is gone.

1. he lost his job

2. pappa wants to protect his familly and his land from the white guys

Mr.Morrison lost his job at the railroad and Papa thought it would be a good idea to have Mr.Morrison to protect them from the people who had started the marsh fire.


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Why do white children taunt Cassie and her friends?


chapter 3