Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry


Why was Cassie upset at the beginning of this chapter?

Why are the Logan children anxious?

Why were the night men actually out the night Cassie saw them?

Why had Papa hired Mr. Morrison?

Why did Stacey get whipped?

What did Mama do when she found out the children had been at the Wallace store?

Why did Mama try to convince Mr. Turner to stop shopping at the Wallace store?

What do you learn about the Wallaces in this chapter?

Why is big Ma’s speech to Cassie important?

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Ummmmmm, which chapter?

Chapter 4?

1) One Sunday, Cassie helps make butter and hears Mama and Big Ma talk about how she and the children have been acting strangely for several weeks. She cannot tell her mother what is wrong because she and her little brothers promised Stacey that they would say nothing about the bus. When she breaks a dish, Mama sends her to find the boys.

2) They're afraid someone will find out about what happened with the bus.

3) Mr. Granger wants to buy Mama's land.

4) To help protect his family.

Yes, chapter 4.

His mom found him with cheat notes