Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

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What explanation did Mama give Cassie for Mr. Simmsʼ actions?

What happens to Staceyʼs new coat? What was Uncle Hammerʼs reaction?

How and why does Uncle Hammer fool the Wallaceʼs?

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Does the last one have something to do with boycotting the Wallace store? Let me know the chapter and I can look further.

Mr. Simms is as poor as the blacks, so he has to do something to feel "above" them. So, he is mean to blacks.

Stacey is conned out of his coat by TJ Avery, and Hammer makes him let TJ have the coat because if Stacey is foolish enough to lose the coat, he deserves to be without it.

Uncle Hammer crosses the bridge ahead of the Wallaces; they waited because they thought it was Mr. Granger. Hammer's car looks just like Mr. Granger's.