Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

i need to know this answer plz help me

Who were the "night men" and what sorts of things did they do to blacks in the South? its due tomorrow

i was sick and i dont know

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The "night men" are referenced in chapter 3. They come by the house and then leave. Casey sees Mr. Morrison holding a shotgun outside. Since nothing happens in this scene, you need to infer what they might have done...

These night men were members of the " ku klux klan".. They were a secret white society which aimed to establish white supremacy. Over two thousand black people were lynched in the United States. Many victims were burned alive at the stake, while others were castrated with axes and knives. A big proportion of these people were pregnant women, old people and kids.The KKK has a record of terrorism, violence, and lynching to intimidate, murder, and oppress African Americans, Jews and other minorities and to intimidate and oppose Roman Catholics.

The night Men are people who are sent by the white folks to get revenge on certain people like l.t Morrison and like Mr. Berry