Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

I have a test tomorrow! And i didn't read the book! Help plz

Give me some main ideas on the story. PLZ!!

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its a story about a african american family protecting their land yo!!

papa burns the land to stop the lynching its all here OMG!!

the protagonist is cassie, who is just experiencing racism outside of school for the very first time

the logans are full of pride because they are the only african americans who own their own land

the whites in the community try to have them loose their land

the logans start a boycott of a white store, yet the whites continually try and keep them down

the story occurs in in the south in 1933

The blacks in the community are constantly scared because of the nightriders who ride around burning blacks

racism goes both ways

racism is also present in the school and there is a kindergarden boy experiencing racism at all for the very first time

go to and search roll of thunder hear my cry that should help

i agree spark notes are really helpful