Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

How was the theme of education used in the story, and what sacrifices were made as a result

How was the theme used to show the importance and sacrifices as a result re; education at that time. in the book Roll of Thunder Hear my Cry

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One of the themes in the story, is the Logan's belief in education as the only way out of the cycle of black poverty and racial injustice. Although there are other themes that have to do with pride, heritage, family seems to be the key to a better future for the Logan children and the black population as a whole. Big Ma instilled and enforced this value system in her children.

On another note, the weather marks the theme of education as well. Because the black children must make their way to school on foot (whereas the white children are bused), the dust, rain, and mud emphasize the white degradation of the black school children, and the physical barrier posed by walking to school in the rain echo the barriers erected to the black children's education by the school board.